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A sampling of current projects

Current Research

Behavioral Biology and Well-being (BeWell) Study

We are conducting a large-scale randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of the Healthy Minds Program app for individuals with depression. We are studying effects on depressive symptoms as well as behavioral and biological markers of well-being. This study may clarify is self-guided mobile meditation training promotes well-being for individuals with depression.

Investigating Dosage within Mobile Well-being Training

A set of two studies are investigating the impact of manipulating meditation practice dosage. These studies can help clarify the amount of meditation practice is necessary to experience benefits, which can help increase accessibility. In one study, participants are asked to practice once versus twice per day. In the other, participants are asked to practice 5- versus 15-minutes per day.

Understanding Expertise in Psychotherapy

What makes one therapist more effective than another? This study investigates therapist characteristics that may be associated with patient outcomes in psychotherapy. We are assessing a range of self-report and behavioral measures in a sample of psychotherapists and examining how these measures relate to patient outcomes.